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A God-send for our family

Sunshine Pet Care has been a God-send for our family.  We have relied on great pet care the past 11 years.  Not only is it nice to have your home look like its lived in while we are away but our 2 labs Tess & Chester get to stay home and have fun with their care giver! Of course, it's a special treat to have Stella visit too. Last summer Sandy had to call us while on vacation because one of our labs Tess was acting strangely.  After a vet visit, it was discovered that she had an infection that needed medicine.   Tess trusted Sandy and we are thankful she helped get her feeling better.  Our family is thankful for being able to go on vacation and not worry about our pets.  We know they receive the best care possible with Sunshine Pet Care!

The Emory Family – Landenberg, PA

Reliable love

That’s what Sunshine Pet Care is to us. Sandy and Fleeta have taken care of our dog Tiki since she was 6 months old. They genuinely love her – as she does them! Tiki often travels with us but when she can’t, Sunshine Pet Care gives us the peace of mind to know she is being taken care of by the best. We never worry about a missed visit or miscommunications and Sandy and Fleeta take the time to leave a note with every visit. Sunshine Pet Care is dependable and responsible. Rain or shine, they are always there for us and for Tiki. When Sandy brings her dog Stella along, Tiki gets a double dose of love – and extra exercise! When we can’t be there ourselves, we are glad to know Tiki is in Sandy or Fleeta’s loving and capable care.

Elia Trowbridge – Landenberg, PA

Peace of mind

Gabby (a cat client of Sunshine Pet Care) purrs "Sandy, keeps me from missing my family when they are away because she always spends lots of time talking to me while she pets me. I don't make it easy for her to find me, but she does - even when I'm all the way upstairs on the 3rd floor! I get to climb onto her lap and enjoy her gentle attention." Gabby is from a shelter and is quite picky about who she will not run from - usually only her family members so she must consider Sandy family!

Sunshine Pet Care could easily be called Peace of Mind Pet Care because that is what we have had when we've left our cats with Sandy. Whether it's been normal care or special care like giving insulin shots to our diabetic cat, pills to a sick cat, or getting one of them to eat special food because she wasn't feeling well the situations were carefully taken care of. Then there were the unexpected occurrences that Sandy faced and cared for in stride: a foot and a half of snow that she got here through, the leaking ceiling that she put buckets under, and the extra day we needed her when we got snowed in when in NH! We always arrive home to a content, well cared for cat, cleaned up litter box area, and fun notes to read that Sandy has left. Sandy's professionalism, attention to detail, experience, and heart for animals make her someone you can feel at ease leaving your beloved pet with as we do.

David and Jean Bundas – Landenberg, PA


Sandy has been visiting our dogs for over 8 years. I feel like Sandy and Stella are a part of the family. We trust Sandy with our dogs, our most precious possessions, as she cares for our dogs as though they were her own. She lets us know if there is any change in their behavior or health. When Sandy encountered a health emergency with one of our dogs, she went above and beyond the call of duty to handle the situation. We are comforted to know our dogs have Sandy to care for them.

Kim Hoover-Landenberg, PA

We love Sunshine Pet Care!

I have been a client of Sunshine Pet Care for 13 years, very soon after Sandy first formed her business. We became a daily client providing daily walking for my Weimaraner, Mia. Sandy also took care of Mia and our house, living in while we vacationed at our home in Arizona. Her sweet lab, Keeley, was Mia's best friend. Mia looked forward to their daily visits. Over the years, Mia passed away and although she and her team do not visit my adopted Weimaraner Ty for a daily walk (he goes to doggie day care as he has severe separation anxiety) we continue to be friends and visit with each other regularly. Additionally, I became friends with many of the pet sitters that Sandy employed. Sandy continues to take care of our home when we escape to Arizona in the winter for six weeks.

I can't say enough great things about Sandy, her team and her business. I would not trust just anyone to take care of my pets and my house. I never worry when she is in charge. One winter while we were away, she and her husband even took care of the feet of snow that fell that year. Her team is hand selected and are people of the highest integrity that truly care about the animals they take care of. She runs her business in a way that creates trust, providing daily records of her visits and clear expectations for the cost. We love Sunshine Pet Care! They are part of our family.

Terri Francino – Newark, DE

Sunshine Pet Care is wonderful

Sunshine Pet Care is wonderful. Sandy and her crew have been visiting our cats for many years. They take great care of them and our house. They spend quality time with the cats, beyond just feeding and scooping. I particularly like their practice of leaving notes about each visit. One of them said that Moggin, a rather noisy cat, “has an opinion about everything”. That has become a part of his story.

Margaret Sarner – Newark, DE

Above and beyond what we hoped

We have been happily employing Sunshine Pet Care services for over 10 years now. I met Sandy where we worked about 20 years ago. Sandy is easy to get to know and like because of her out going, friendly and easy going personality. She was and still is sincerely interested in getting to know others she comes in contact with no matter what their background may be. I am still impressed with her knowledge and dedication to her work and the work of others around her. Sandy's high standards and work ethics and paying close attention to details have set an excellent example for others to follow.

So about 11 years ago after experiencing unacceptable and even detrimental pet care with boarding kennels and other pet sitters at home, we began looking for a pet sitter that we could depend on to be caring, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing exceptional pet care. We always worried about how our pets were being cared for and if they were safe and happy as they would be when we are home. Worrying about our pets we found it difficult to really enjoy our vacations.

When I found out that Sandy had started Sunshine Pet Care I knew we had found the pet sitter we were looking for! Sandy had brought all of her exceptional qualities I admired at work to her new business Sunshine Pet Care. It has been a JOY to have Sandy and her Sunshine Pet Sitters take care of out pets!!

The pet sitting services Sandy offers are above and beyond what we hoped. Sunshine Pet Care services have met and exceeded our needs and expectations. We have 3 Siberian Huskies, cats, fish and tons of tropical plants to care for - not the easiest combination to care for. And there have been times when my health issues have been reason to call on Sandy for help caring for our pets and home.

She has always worked with us to make sure all our needs are met. All Sunshine Pet Sitters make sure they know and understand the special needs of all the breeds of dogs they care for and they even put time and energy to feed the fish, water plants, and make friends with my very shy cat. They bring in the mail and papers and do extra things I hadn't even thought of myself to ask to have done. They also make notes at every visit and keep in touch with us as needed.
We have no worries when we go on vacation knowing our pets and home are being taken care of.

It is easy to see that everyone at Sunshine Pet Care loves their jobs and love the pets they care for. Honestly I think our pets are disappointed to see us come home! I have and will continue to refer people to Sunshine Pet Care knowing the extraordinary pet sitting and home care services will meet all expectations.

Susan Bazzel – Landenberg, PA

Travel without any worries

Sunshine Pet Care has allowed us to travel without any worries for our 4 four legged kids (dogs)!  My husband and I are able to travel frequently knowing each of our 4 dogs will get the individual attention that each of them needs!  Our dogs are happy staying in their own home in the environment that they are accustomed to everyday and I wouldn't trade that for anything!

Sandy and her crew are dependable and professional and pay attention to all the details that make a huge difference.  The progress notes from each visit shows how much love they put into each visit! I can't imagine anyone better caring for our dogs than Sunshine Pet Care!

Jackie Dobrzynski – Landenberg, PA

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