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Meet our Staff

Our motto “loving your pets is what we do best”, is what Sunshine Pet Care pet sitters are all about! Our attention to detail & TLC are what keep our many satisfied customers coming back & asking for their pet sitter by name. Our pet sitters are highly experienced and have been with us for many years so they have cared for all kinds of pets & situations & are dedicated to giving you the highest quality pet care available for your special friends!

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Susan Culpepper

Susan joined Sunshine Pet Care in 2014 and is helping to cover the Pike Creek area. She previously worked for Sunshine Pet Care from 2004-05. Susan is an animal lover with 4 feline fur babies of her own. She looks forward to getting to know and love your pets!


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laurelLaurel Pearson

Laurel joined Sunshine Pet Care in 2014 and is helping to cover Pike Creek and parts of Landenberg. She has a BS in Animal Science from U of DE and has had dogs, cats and horses all her life.  Laurel greatly enjoys taking care of all types of animals. She is also very interested in dog training and trains two of her dogs in Agility and K9 Nose Work.


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Sue has been with Sunshine Pet Care since 2009 and covers parts of Landenberg and Newark areas. Sue actually started out as one of our customers back in 2005, at which time she proudly owned a pack of 10 huskies that she hired me to care for!

Here’s what Tonya Via – Landenberg, PA says about Sue:

After the passing of my beloved dog Luke, my 3 dogs were terribly sad & depressed. Despite trying to keep an active schedule with them, my work schedule prohibited me from giving them the attention & time they deserved during that period. I consulted with Sandy from Sunshine Pet Care to visit my 3 girls and immediately knew that her services were exactly what my dogs & I needed. She was very prompt, professional and paid close attention to every detail.

I then had the pleasure of being introduced to Sue Thompson, one of her pet sitters. Since then, my dogs have enjoyed the warm, friendly, pampering services that Sue provides them on a weekly basis. She has been the perfect fit for them. I know Sue truly enjoys seeing them as much as they do her! She is dependable, trustworthy & very attentive to each of my dogs and their needs. She was extremely patient and a wonderful help when I rescued a 5 month old Pomeranian! With much love & patience from Sue, she has learned to fit in with her 3 older sisters, Chloe, Abbey & Bailey.

I always enjoy receiving that unexpected text from Sue while I’m working. She always captures a perfect picture to send to make my day. I know my fur babies are always in good hands when Sue is with them. Her detailed “report card” she leaves after each visit, is a pleasant reminder when I come home after a long day, of her visit with my dogs & that they were well taken care of! I know they appreciate her just as much as I do and look forward to many more years of such wonderful, dependable pet sitting services from Sue and Sunshine Pet Care.

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Kathy has been with Sunshine Pet Care since 2011 and covers the Landenberg area. Kathy is also a full time vet tech at Oxford Animal Hospital and has many years of animal care taking experience. Kathy has several pets of her own that she dearly loves.

Here’s what Laura and Tim McCann – Landenberg, PA say about Kathy:

Pretty much by any standard we have a lot of pets. With three horses in the barn, two dogs and three cats in the house pet sitting for us is a big job….one that Sandy and her crew perform very, very well. (In particular, Kathy shares Sandy’s same thoughtful, caring rapport with the animals and is trusted and comfortable to handle the equines, canines and felines.) We travel pretty regularly; we ski in the winter, we have a summer cottage on the Chesapeake and our children live in Africa, Los Angeles and, soon to be, Korea, so we depend on Sunshine Pet Care’s services regularly. In the summer Sunshine Pet Care, with trusty canine companion Stella, hunt down fly masks in the pasture, turn on fans for overly warm horses and move manure out of the run-in. When all the animals are here the dogs play with Stella while the cats and horses are cared for. The daily notes make it clear to me what has happened while I am away, which I really appreciate and sometimes if the Labrador is in full shed, I’ve even come home to a vacuumed house. Very, very conscientious. I have gotten calls and texts to inquire about torn horse blankets, slightly lame horses, and unexpected deliveries. The mail is always collected and neatly piled, and packages brought in. It really is a premium service for a very reasonable price. We depend on them and are happy to give them our business.

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