Pet sitting and Dog Walking Services in Landenberg, Pennsylvania, Pike Creek,
and surrounding areas of Delaware and Maryland

Service Area

Service Area

The areas that we cover are what we feel are a reasonable distance for us to serve many customers concurrently. You may think that you are “not too far” from us or “close to another area” that we DO service, however we know from experience that on any given day we can be asked to go anywhere, anytime, so that if we don’t have boundaries in place, we will spend most of our time just driving to and from our destination which will surely take away from the amount of time we can spend with your pets!

If you live in a zip code that you do not see listed, please email us to discuss your specific situation and we MAY be able to help or at the very least refer you to another pet-sitting service that we know DOES cover your area.


  • 19350 – Landenberg
  • 19352 – Kemblesville


  • 19711 – Newark/Pike Creek
  • 19707 – Hockessin (parts)
  • 19808 – Wilmington (parts)


  • 21921 – Elkton (parts)

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