Pet sitting and Dog Walking Services in Landenberg, Pennsylvania, Pike Creek,
and surrounding areas of Delaware and Maryland

pet sitting services and rates

Services and Rates

The pet sitting services that we provide are typically what we get the majority of requests for and that our pet-sitting insurance coverage allows us to offer. If you are interested in a service that you don’t see listed, please email us to discuss your specific situation and we MAY be able to help or at the very least refer you to another pet-sitting service that we know DOES offer a service you are requesting.

Our rates are based on the number of pets we will be required to care for:

  • 1 pet – $18.00/visit (30 minutes)
  • 2-4 pets – $19.00/visit (30 minutes)
  • 5-7 pets – $21.00/visit (30 minutes)
  • 8+ pets* – $23.00/visit (30 minutes)

* When we meet your “gang”, we will evaluate how much time we feel will be needed to adequately care for your pets and will propose pricing.

The above fees include for your pets AND your home:

  • Love & TLC for all your pets
  • Providing food & water
  • Exercise & potty time
  • Walks (weather permitting)
  • Scooping litter/picking up yard waste
  • Cleaning up indoor pet “accidents”
  • Bringing in mail/paper/packages
  • Trash and recycle bin
  • Watering plant(s)
  • Rotating lights/curtains
  • Turning on/off radio or TV
  • Documenting details of our visits

Additional charges are as follows:

  • Non-holiday visits requested <72 hrs in advance @ $10.00/day
  • Holiday visits requested <2 wks in advance @ $10.00/day
  • Medication Administration @ $3.00/day
  • Litter-box or cage complete changing @ $3.00/change
  • “Excessive” plant/garden watering @ $3.00/watering
  • Picking up supplies if yours run out @ $15.00/30 minutes
  • Necessary vet visits @ $15.00/30 minutes
  • Mileage >6 miles each way @.50 cents/mile

All “holiday” pet-sitting will incur a $10.00/day surcharge to include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Easter
  • 4th of July
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

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