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What is Pet Sitting?

Millions of people have pets, most commonly dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and “pocket-pets”. Pet owners want their pets to have excellent care, but many are challenged by time- long and hectic working conditions, and a variety of other demands on their daily life. A good pet sitting business like Sunshine Pet Care  in Landenberg can satisfy this need for help by offering personalized pet care services. So if you are looking for pet sitting, please see our new website: for more information and to make an online reservation. Twelve years in the business has earned us a respected and appreciated place in our community!

Types of Pet Sitting

Pet sitting can take many forms and is typically done by woman according to PSI (Pet Sitter’s International).

     1.     Dog Walking

Dogs, like humans, need both mental and physical stimulation in order to stay healthy, and dog walking is one of the most common ways to offer this. In order for dogs to stay at their peak, our canine friends should be going out for a walk at least once a day. However, the work lives of most pet owners prevent them from coming home mid day to walk their dog. Dog walkers can visit your dog at an agreed upon timeframe each day and provide a vigorous walk and company. Our well-trained animal lovers at Sunshine Pet Care in Landenberg are highly skilled and competent and provide this service 7 days a week.

     2.     Cat Sitting

Cat sitting involves services such as playing, feeding, scooping litter boxes, and providing fresh water. Cats are fun loving pets to own, and thrive on stimulation and play. Leaving a feline for extended periods on their own can cause them to become distant and depressed. Whether your cat likes to pounce on laser lights or to cuddle up and get adored, cat sitters are happy to accommodate! Sunshine Pet Care in Landenberg will visit your cat once daily (minimum) to give them lots of TLC in addition to “the basic” kitty care.

       3.  Vacation Care, Weekends and Business Trips

Most pet owners enjoy occasional time away from home for business or pleasure and often can not take their pet with them.  This presents the very stressful situation of finding someone they can trust to take care of their pet.

This type of service that Sunshine Pet Care provides 365 days a year, allows your pet to stay comfortably in their routines, calm and stress free. While your pet sitter looks after your pet, they can be asked to do other various household tasks such as bringing in the mail, watering plants and removing newspapers and fliers from the front of your home. The sight of a house that appears to be inhabited can be a deterrent to break ins and theft.

Finding Your Pet Sitter

Finding a pet sitter that satisfies your needs can be a challenging task. We, at Sunshine Pet Care in Landenberg, want to make your life easier by providing you with bonded, insured, certified and highly responsible experienced pet sitters. We know you will not be sorry you made a decision to provide your pet and home with our outstanding pet care!

Gratefully, Sandy Boyko, Sunshine Pet Care Owner



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